About The Band

Studio 2018-09


Diversity Dreamer is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer Thomas Hansen Skarbye. In 2018 he accidentically met producer and composer Jonas Horsted Larsen over a secondhand sale and their chemistry was instant and they decided to start writing and producing together.

The danish duo is devoted to the recording studio and has a sophisticated sound with strong melodic hooks in a genre fusion consisting of Indie Pop, Synth Pop, New Wave, Nu-Disco, Indietronica, Electronic Rock, Wonky Pop and even Heavy Metal (featuring several guitar solos by guest musician Christian Pedersen).

Skarbye’s dramatic, expressive and chameleon-like voice – inspired by artist from David Bowie to George Michael – is constantly changing the timbre and sound of the vocals and harmonies. Together with the fragmented synth-based parts, melodic bass lines, electronic beats, Funk or Heavy Metal inspired guitars and inspiration from 80s big, colourful New Wave productions and arrangements it forms an original “album music” style.

The band plan to release a new single every second month in 2019.

The productions have strong inspiration from 70s and 80s and the music is in the style of Pop, New Wave, Nu-Disco, Indietronica, Indie Pop, Electronic Rock, Wonky Pop.